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Petersen Supply Company is primarily an 0-gauge model railroad dealer. We stock Atlas-O, MTH (Mike's Train House), Weaver Models, Sunset 3rd Rail Models, Golden Gate Depot and our own Petersen Supply Custom-run models. We also offer a some HO-Scale models and a few N-Scale custom run models. Check out our NEWEST announcements under Petersen Supply Custom Runs from the column to your left.

Central of Georgia_CofGa_Broadway Ltd E7 A-unit Diesel_CofGa_BWL_HO Canadian Pacific_CP_Atlas 40' AAR Steel Boxcar_3002820_2rail
Price: $299.99
Price: $78.95

HO Powered A-unit. Road #801 or #808. w/Paragon 2 sound. Colors are spot on! Beautiful engine.

2Rail. Brown w/white print. Road #249843 & 252913. Logo has steam ship, steam train engine & airplane. Picture is of actual car. Will put up model drawing from Atlas soon.

Ordering serves as your reservation. This limited edition car is due to arrive in the 2nd Quarter of 2014. We will contact you when it is ready to ship.
Great Northern_GN_Atlas 40' AAR Steel Boxcar_3001812_3Rail Sacramento Northern_SN_Bowser F3A Diesel engines_HO_unsounded
Price: $73.95
Price: $209.00
3rail SD red w/white print, 5th in SD Series 1 road #.   Now in stock.

Spokane, Portland & Seattle_SP&S_Atlas 40' AAR Steel Boxcar_3001813_3Rail Pacific Electric_PE_MTH All Steel Drop Bottom Gondola_20-90784S_3Rail
Price: $73.95
Price: $61.95
3rail #11001, 11248 brown/white w/30in SP&S on left, oval herald on right. This is the single cars (up to 12 different road #s).  For a cost savings order the set(s) of 6 road numbers, see set part #20-90784 or 20-90785.

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This Month's Special!

Reading_Atlas Trainman 52'6 Gondola_0637_3Rail

Price: $45.95
Overstock Sale $35.95
You save $10.00!
3rail (or 2rail for $38.95)

Newest Custom Run Arrivals

Spruce Falls_Kadee 50' PS-1 Boxcar_63701401_63711402_63721403_HO
Price: $46.95
Shell_Atlas 8K Tank Car_3004819_2Rail
Price: $76.95
Shell_Atlas 8K Tank Car_3003819_3Rail
Price: $71.95
Gibson Wine_Atlas 8K Tank Car_3003808_3Rail
Price: $77.95
Gibson Wine_Atlas 8K Tank Car_3004808_2Rail
Price: $82.95