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As easy as 1,2,3 you can narrow down your selection of products to show what is available in your favorite Road Name:

1. Choose one of the categories from Find Products By to your left. ***Example: Scale

2. Next, if you want to narrow it to only show 3rail items, choose O-Scale 3Rail

3. Now, look for the Sort By: box above the first item in the list. Type in your road name at Search Within

Example: Typing Burlington gives you Burlington Route, Burlington Northern and BNSF. -or-

Example: Typing Burlington Northern gives you only BN and BNSF. -or-

Example: Typing CB&Q gives you most Burlington Route items, except for FW&D

There you have it. Every stock item in your favorite road name.

4. Now you can choose Title from the Sort By: dropdown box . This puts the items in order with all the BN together, the BNSF together, etc.

Another option is to Search with "20-" to see all MTH Premier Items, "30-" for MTH RailKing Items and "A-" for Atlas items. ***You can also go to the Manufacturers category above, select one (EX:Atlas. then Atlas-O). Then follow steps 2 and 3. To see everything in your favorite road name in the Atlas O-scale line.