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Petersen Supply Company is primarily an 0-gauge model railroad dealer. We stock Atlas-O, MTH (Mike's Train House), Weaver Models, Sunset 3rd Rail Models, Golden Gate Depot and our own Petersen Supply Custom-run models. We also offer a some HO-Scale models and a few N-Scale custom run models. Check out our NEWEST announcements under Petersen Supply Custom Runs from the column to your left.

Great Northern_GN_Atlas 40' AAR Steel Boxcar_10 Car Circus Set_3Rail Central of Georgia_CofGa_Broadway Ltd E7 A-unit Diesel_CofGa_BWL_HO
Price: $699.95
Price: $299.99
3rail. 1 x 10 car set. New in boxes.  From a collection we just purchased.  10 cars (5 Single Door and 5 Double Door)  Great Northern only made 1 "real" car in each of these paint only 1 road # per car.  Double Door Series.  1st=Grey.  2nd = Dark green. 3rd = Brown. 4th = Brown. 5th = Red.  Single Door Series. 1st = Orange, 2nd = Brown. 3rd = Orange w/black. 4th = brown. 5th = Red.

HO Powered A-unit. Road #801 or #808. w/Paragon 2 sound. Colors are spot on! Beautiful engine.

Spokane, Portland & Seattle_SP&S_Atlas 40' AAR Steel Boxcar_3001813_3Rail Pacific Electric_PE_MTH All Steel Drop Bottom Gondola_20-90784S_3Rail
Price: $73.95
Price: $61.95
3rail #11001, 11248 brown/white w/30in SP&S on left, oval herald on right. This is the single cars (up to 12 different road #s).  For a cost savings order the set(s) of 6 road numbers, see set part #20-90784 or 20-90785.
Southern Pacific_SP_MTH All Steel Drop Bottom Gondola_20-98956_3Rail Canadian Pacific_CP_Atlas 40' AAR Steel Boxcar_3002820_2rail
Price: $61.95
Price: $79.95
3rail-all steel drop bottom, brown- 14 road#s available
2Rail. Brown w/white print. Road #249843 & 249935. Logo has steam ship, steam train engine & airplane.

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This Month's Special!

Reading_Atlas Trainman 52'6 Gondola_0637_3Rail

Price: $45.95
3rail (or 2rail for $38.95)

Newest Custom Run Arrivals

Spruce Falls_Kadee 50' PS-1 Boxcar_63701401_63711402_63721403_HO
Price: $46.95
Shell_Atlas 8K Tank Car_3004819_2Rail
Price: $78.95
BARDAHL_Atlas 8K Tank Car_3003827_3Rail
Price: $73.95
Shell_Atlas 8K Tank Car_3003819_3Rail
Price: $73.95
Gibson Wine_Atlas 8K Tank Car_3003808_3Rail
Price: $77.95