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Introduced by Pullman Standard in the mid-1960s, these mini hy-cubes were designed for the carriage of appliances. The height allowed the appliances to be stacked three high in the cars. The cars were considered novel at the time and a number of large rail lines from the West and Midwest acquired small fleets. The paint schemes that were applied to these cars were quite colorful and certainly made the cars stand out in a train of standard height cars. The mini hy-cube craze lasted only a few years as longer and bigger cars were soon developed.


   Roller bearing trucks with rotating bearing caps
   Separately applied ladders, brake wheel and brake line detail
   True scale dimensions with accurate details
   Weighted, detailed underframes
   2-rail cars feature scale wheels and body-mounted couplers
   Metal couplers and sprung die-cast trucks
   Accurate painting and lettering
   3-rail trucks pre-drilled for Adjust-A-Couplerâ„¢ System (sold separately)
   Minimum diameter curve: O-31 (3-Rail)
   Minimum radius curve: 24" (2-Rail)